About Us

Grand Empire Group – 1973, is a multinational organization, operating business activities from Pakistan, China, United Arab Emirates, England and America. We are involved in manufacturing, Import, Export, general trading successfully. We have our own manufacturing facilities and also deal with reputed manufacturers, factories in order to meets the satisfaction in terms of quality as well as price competitiveness of the valued customers. Further we as general trading companies maintains a large in house data which enables us to quickly source commodities and materials and make prompt and competitive quotations for our customers requirements with the manufacturers information and specification. Through the years of excellent services to clients in International trade, The Group deltas earned trust of valued clients all over the world. This has resulted into new opportunities like providing services in oil and gas sector to facilitate their business in Pakistan. This will result in more foreign investment into our country to help fuel the economic growth. We are proud to be the part of a very prestigious community involved in Horse breeding & Horse racing all around world. To support this venture the Group owns and manages Stud Farms in Pakistan, South Africa and UK.

Our companies and businesses

1.Poultry Control Sheds

2.Live Stock
3.Fruit and Vegetable Exporters
4.Fertilizer Importers
5.Surgical instrument Exporters
6.Agriculture Farms
7.Rice Mills
8.Heavy Machineries
9.Stud Farms

Upcoming Mega Project

1. Oil and Gas Exploration
2. Edible oil industries

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