Oil And Gas

Grand Energy Services. have entered into a strategic partnership with a Chinese based company to explore the opportunities in Oil & Gas Sector in Pakistan. Grand Energy Services is glad to be their local facilitator, to help them establish their operations in Pakistan in the most convenient way. Grand Energy Services will provide all the logistic support and expertise in this area. Being a part of this Joint Venture in Oil & Gas sector, Grand Energy Services has also been assigned to hire the required human resources in Pakistan. Experienced team of Grand Energy Services is already in contact with top industry professionals and consultants to avail their valued experience, support and services to help the Chinese partner to launch their operations on Pakistani Soil successfully. As this project requires heavy use of machinery and equipment in the area of drilling & extraction, Grand Energy Services is pleased to make proper arrangements in this regard also. Moreover Grand Energy Services will provide all the legal support to help Chinese Partner to meet any legal requirements to commence and maintain their services hassle free in Pakistan. Grand Energy Services is glad to be part of this joint venture and is very hopeful that this project will bring fruitful results for both parties for their hard work. Also we expect that results of this project will be beneficial for the Pakistani economy and it will have far reaching affects on the prosperity of Pakistan to help combating the energy crises in our country.

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