Fertilizer Importers:

Grand Traders Union remained one of the largest importers of fertilizers in Pakistan. It is engaged in the import of both finished, intermediate and raw fertilizers.Grand Traders handles more than 0.5 million tonnes of fertilizers. It continues to remain a trusted and reliable supplier of fertilizers to many institutional customers in Pak. This has been possible owing to a reputation of trust and reliability assiduously built by the company over four decades
 Grand Traders and its Unique Position Grand Traders has remained one of the largest institutional buyers of fertilizers across the globe.Grand Traders has built this unique position for itself through its continued presence for about two decades in the fertilizer arena internationally. It has remained a trusted associate for the suppliers and customers alike across the globe as a result of its undisputed transparency in dealings and commitment to contractual terms of international trade. Grand Traders has built a niche for itself and has been extending the benefit of its four decades of experience in buying, selling and excellent net-working, which has been continuously adding value in the supply chain. As a result, Union Traders remains the single unique window for buying and selling of all fertilizer products globally. We would like to assure all our valued business associates across the globe a most transparent, efficient and effective trading experience in fertilizers.Grand Traders imports following fertilizers
Finished Fertilizers
Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
Muriate of Potash (MOP)

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